Thursday, 11 December 2014

Meet the Cinderella cast: Alex Spinney

Alex Spinney
This week our meet the cast interview is with Alex Spinney, who is starring as Prince Charming. As Alex is new to Stafford we thought  it was time to get to know him better...

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre:What attracted you to our Rock 'n' Roll Panto?

Alex Spinney: The rock 'n' roll pantomimes combine really great music with very funny scripts and it is so exciting to work with such a small cast, with all of us playing, singing, acting and even dancing!

SGT: What instruments are you playing in the show?

AS: Alto saxophone and piano.

SGT: What are you most looking forward to in the show?
Alex in action as Prince Charming

AS: I'm most looking forward to singing some rock 'n' roll classics, and of course gettung up close and personal with the lovely Cinderella!

What do you think audiences will particularly enjoy this year?

AS:  I think audiences will love Hernia and Verruca, the beautifully ugly stepsisters.

SGT: Why do you think panto has remained such a popular tradition?

AS: It is a truly British institution that gives audiences the chance to let loose and relax over Christmas.

Cinderella is now open and runs until January 10th 2015.
You can book your tickets here - but hurry they're selling fast!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Meet The Cinderella cast: Beth Peach-Robinson

Beth Peach-Robinson
The lovely Beth Peach-Robinson made her panto debut last year as Princess Susie and is back playing the title role in Cinderella in this year's Rock 'n' Roll Panto. We caught up with the West Midlands born actress to talk about this year's show.

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre: What made you decide to come back this year?

Beth Peach-Robinson: I find being surrounded by so many talented people so inspiring and it's so fun to do something that makes Christmas extra special.

SGT: Can you tell us what instruments you will be playing in the show?

B P-R: Alto saxaphone, tenor saxaphone and baritone saxaphone.

Beth as Princess Susie in Sleeping Beauty

SGT: What are you most looking forward to in the show this year?

B P-R: I'm really looking forward to my magical transformation and I think audience will really enjoy our ugly sisters!

SGT: Why do you think Panto has remained such a popular tradition?

B P-R: Because it is always full on songs that audiences long and everyone loves a bit of "he's behind you" audience participation!

SGT: Have you got any pre-show rituals?

B P-R: I dance around like a crazy person to my favourite 90's tunes!

SGT: That sounds like a pretty fun ritual to us! Break a leg for opening night next week Beth!

Cinderella opens to schools on Wednesday 10th December and the first evennig public performance is on Friday 12th December. The show runs until Saturday 10th Janaury and you can book your tickets by clicking here.