Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Interview - Stafford Gatehouse Youth Theatre

"13 is a unique, fun and lively show" 

Stafford Gatehouse Youth Theatre has been estabilished for over 25  years and for the first time SGYT are going on tour to Edinburgh to perform the musical 13 at the Fringe Festival. The group have been busy rehearsing for a preview show at the Gatehouse before taking the show to Edinburgh.

A little apprehensive about interviewing a group of teenagers we had visions of being faced with young divas, content with embracing characteristics of Glee characters...Thankfully our fears were proved to be irrational as the young cast chatted away, bubbling with excitement at the prospect of touring Edinburgh.
So tell us a little about the story of 13.

It's about a boy who is about to turn 13 and celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. He moves to Indiana with his mother when his parents divorce and faces the difficulty of trying to fit in at a new school whist planning his Bar Mitzvah. The show might appeal to fans of Glee because of the music, but 13 is definitely more personal and real.

How do you feel about taking the show to Edinburgh? Have any of you been to the Fringe before?

No! We didn't really know a lot about it and it'll be the first time any of us have been so it's quite exciting really! We never thought when we started working on 13 that we'd get to perform at the Fringe Festival.

Do you think the show will attract a different audience in Edinburgh to when it was performed at the Gatehouse?

Well obviously our families won't be there! We think the show will appeal to a young crowd, espeically teenagers as they can relate to it and it's a really fun show.

How do you think audiences will respond to 13?

Although the show might appeal mainly to a younger audience, older people will also enjoy it as everyone has experienced trying to fit in at school and 13 does it in a funny way, it's not cheesy at all. It should really make the audience laugh.

So what do you think are the key ingredients to making a great show?

You've got to like the show to start with. We all love 13. You need time to really connect with your character and of course have loads of team work.

Can you see any similarities between any of the characters of 13 and the people in your group?

Definitely! Most of us all go to different schools and hang out in different groups so you can really see similarities between us and the characters in 13. We can all relate to individual aspects of each character.

What are your favourite muscials or plays that you'd recommend to our blog readers?

Wicked! Les Miserables is also great and a non-musical choice would be Woman in Black, it's brilliant and scary.
Finally, what would you say to encourage Edinburgh festival-goers to see ‘13’? 

It's unique, fun, lively and just a feel good show. The audience will really feel the beat!

13 is on at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre on Saturday 18th August at 7.30pm before touring the Fringe Festival. Book Tickets

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