Thursday, 29 May 2014

Meet the As You Like It Cast: Jennifer Greenwood

For the next few weeks we will be posting regaular interviews with our cast of As You Like It to get 
Jennifer Greenwood
to know them better before their show at Stafford Castle! To kick things off we spoke to Jennifer Greenwood, who is returning to SFS to play Celia after her critically acclaimed performance as Hermia in last year's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre: Stafford Festival Shakespeare is one of the largest open air Shakespeare events in Europe, how do you feel about being part of the show this year?

Jennifer Greenwood: Extremely proud and excited: open air theatre is such a unqiue experience for an actor. Being back in Stafford is also so lovely, it's like coming home.

 SGT: The show takes place in a very unique setting, have you performed anywhere else unusual?

JG: My first job was a theatre in education tour where I performed to 250 South East London children at a time in their school hall...a little less glamorous but under cover at least!

SGT: What made you want to be involved in the show again?

JG: Celia is such a challenging role as she moves from comedy to tragedy, fromm prose to verse constantly. She is also a bit of a mystery as she doesn't speak for the whole of Act V and falls in love at first sight! I also wanted to come back as the cast and crew were amazing!

Jennifer as Hermia in 2013's A Midsummer Night's Dream

SGT: Tell us a little more about Celia?

JG: She's the daughter of Duke Frederick who usurps his older brother (Celia's Uncle) and then banishes Celia's cousin Rosalind. Celia is incredibly loyal and so follows Rosalind into the Forest of Arden in disguise. She's very funny and witty and teases Rosalind mercilessly over her love for Orlando.

SGT: What do you think Celia brings to the play?

JG: Comedy, but propriety. She thinks Rosalind takes her game too far with Orlando. She's also quite exhausted by the end, and there is the added love at first sight story line!

SGT: Do you believe in love at first sight?

JG: Speaking as Celia...yes. Speaking as Jen...perhaps. I was friends with my fiancè before we were a couple, but the night we first kissed I knew he was the man I wanted to marry.

SGT: What do you think the audience will enjoy most about this year's show?

JG: The 60s songs and setting really brings the play off the page. The story telling by Peter the Director and the cast will be exquisite.

As You Like It opens on Sunday 29th June and runs until Saturday 12th July at Stafford Castle.

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