Monday, 2 June 2014

Meet the As You Like It cast: Johnson Willis

Johnson Willis
Happy Monday! Today's meet the cast interview is with Johnson Willis, who will be playing Adam and Corin when this year's SFS production opens at Stafford Castle. Here's what he had to say about returning to SFS following his performance in 2011's The Comedy of Errors...

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre: Hi Johnson, what made you want to perform with SFS again?

Johnson Willis: Previous experience told me that it would be great fun and with such a wonderful play it was not to be missed. It's a thrill to be part of this event again and such a rare opportunity to perform work of this kind to such a large audience. The audiences are also always very appreciative which makes the whole experience very rewarding. 

SGT: Tell us about the two characters you play, Adam and Corin?

JW: Adam is an old servant and he brings a link to the old world of play before the political change took place, when people had very different values of service and responsibility. Corin is similar in that his world is that of the country and he has his own peace in a world of order, with a lack of greed, envy and malice.

SGT: Celia and Oliver fall in love at first sight, is this something you believe in?

JW: Yes. Love can be instantaneous because someine is immediately felt to be trustworthy, kind and open. This is not to be confused with instantaneous lust.

SGT: What do you think people will enjoy most about this year's show? 

JW: As You Like It is going to be very musical, containing more songs than any of Shakespeare's other plays. The music is accessible and instant and energising. There is a lot of comedy and a gerat variety of characters. The setting is also well suited to the open-air taking place mostly in the Forest of Arden.

As You Like It opens on Sunday 29th June and runs until Saturday 12th July at Stafford Castle

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