Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Meet The As You Like It Cast: Esther Biddle

Esther Biddle
Today's meet the cast interview is with Esther Biddle, who is playing Pheobe in As You Like It. Pheobe is pursued by Silvius, but Pheobe in turn only has eyes for Ganymede, blissfully unaware that Ganymede is actually Rosalind in disguise!

Esther first performed with SFS in 2011 so we caught up with her to see how she what she was looking forward to most this year.

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre: SFS is now one of the largest Shakespeare events in Europe, how do you feel about being part of it this year?

Esther Biddle: Great! It's one of the best open air events.

SGT: What made you want to perform with SFS again?

EB: It's always such fun and enjoyed so much by the public. I get to spend time with great mates and I just love it up here!

SGT: Have you performed at any other castles or any unusual venues?

EB: I've done a play at the top of the 'Gherkin' building in London!

Esther as Pheobe
SGT: You're playing Pheobe in As You Like It, what is she like?

EB: She's tricksy. And Welsh. And a bit like Bonnie Tyler. She's also massively ungenerous with Silvius (played by James Haggie)

SGT: What do you think Pheobe brings to the play? 

EB: Comedic joy and some light relief!
SGT: What do you think audiences will enjoy this year?

EB: The comedy of the mistaken identities and the music.

As You Like It opens this Sunday and runs until Saturday 12th July at Stafford Castle.



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