Friday, 6 June 2014

Meet The As You Like It Cast: Tom Radford

Friday's meet the cast is with Tom Radford, who will be playing Orlando. Here's what he had to say ahead of his first Stafford Festival Shakespeare appearance...

Tom Radford
Stafford Gatehouse Theatre:  Hi Tom, how are you feeling about your first performance with SFS?

Tom Radford: Excited, ecstatic, elated and other words beginning with E!

SGT: So what made you want to get involved?

TR: It was a great chance to play a part I've wanted to play for a long time.

SGT:  Have you performed any open air Shakespeare before?

TR: Never in a castle but I have done an open air Shakespeare before and did a scene on a tree swing which was fun!

SGT: Could you tell us a little bit more about Orlando?

TR: He is the youngest son of the Duke who starts the play under the strict (and unfair) watch of his older brother Oliver. Orlando knows he is not the wittiest of people and relies on his instinct.

SGT: What do you think Orlando brings to the play?

TR: I think Orlando brings an outsider's point of view to the play. He starts off as an outsider in his own home, then becomes an outsider in the forest but this soon seems to become a much more suitable home for him.

SGT: What do you think the audience will enjoy most about this year's production and setting?

TR: The music, the silliness, the love and the picnics! 

You can see Tom perform in As You Like It at Stafford Castle from Sunday 29th June until Saturday 12th July.


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