Friday, 20 June 2014

Meet The As You Like It Cast: John Challis

John Challis
The legendary John Challis has returned to SFS to take on the role of Jacques, a truly melancholy character who delivers the famous "all the world's a stage" speech. 

There's certainly more to him than being Boycie from Only Fools and Horses - he's performed in many other iconic places including Broadway and Regent Park's Open Air Theatre. We spoke to John to find out more...

 Stafford Gatehouse Theatre: How are you feeling about being part of SFS again John?

John Challis: Terrified and excited at the same time!

SGT: What made you want to be involved with SFS again?

JC: I played Malvolio in Twelfth Night and found it a rewarding experience, it is out of my comfort zone and I think I have got away with it! Jacques is a role I have always wanted to attempt, and to be part of such a talented company is a real treat.

SGT: Tell us a little bit more about Jacques...

JC:  Jacques is a "melancholic" in Elizabethan terms, possibly a "neurotic" in today's terms. He sees himself as a satirist - "cleansing the foul infested world" with his wit.

SGT:  What do you think Jacques brings to the play?

JC: As a malcontent he brings a counter point to the romantic musical comedy of the story with his intellectualizing and sardonic observations.

SGT: Do you believe in love at first sight like Celia and Oliver?

JC: Certainly, but one hopes it will last!
SGT: And finally, what do you think the audience will enjoy most about this year's production and setting?

JC: It's got everything - wonderful original music, romance, comedy and at times a slightly dark side. Also it is set around the summer of love in the 60s so perhaps a fair amount of nostalgia!

You can see John Challis in As You Like It at Stafford Castle from Sunday 29th June until Saturday 12th July.

John Challis as Jacques with Tom Radford as Orlando

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