Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Meet The As You Like It Cast: Shirley Darroch

Shirley Darroch
Today's meet the cast is with Shirley Darroch, who last year won Beat Supporting Actress at the Manchester Theatre Awards for her role as Mama Morton in Chicago. It's also her first time performing with SFS and she will be taking on the role of Audrey.

Stafford Gatehouse Theatre: How are you feeling about your first SFS performance?

Shirley Darroch: I'm so excited about doing open air Shakespeare! I can't wait to be in that wonderful setting. I love Shakespeare, I studied it at university before becoming an actor, so it's a double whammy!

SGT: Have you ever performed in the grounds of a castle or any other unusual setting before?

SD: I once did a site specific version of Howard Barker's "Seven Lears" in a club. The toilets flooded because the sewage system was blocked, urgh! I also got a kidney infection from having to eat apples from the ground in a playpark early in my career. I'm sure SFS will be a much better experience!

SGT: What is Audrey like as a character?

SD: She's a wee laugh! She's is a bawdy country wench looking for love. She is fascinated by Touchstone the fool (played by Eric Potts) and I think, sees him as a bit of a meal ticket. She is coquettush and histrionic!

SGT: What do you think audiences will enjoy this year in particular?

SD: The 60s "crowd-around-a-bonfire-and-sing" vibe and some great actors!

Shirley will be performing at Stafford Castle in As You Like It from Sunday 29th June to Saturday 12th July.

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